Fundraising Goals

The Tibetan Sunday School serves children from preschool through high school and works to immerse local children in Tibetan culture, language, and traditions on a weekly basis in order to instill in them a strong sense of their Tibetan roots and identity.  We will allocate 100% of the funds received from the event to provide the necessary educational resources for the Tibetan Sunday School, which is fully staffed by dedicated volunteers.



thousand needs to be Raised

This will help our Tibetan Sunday school grow and accommodate our growing demand.  This number includes building an outdoor play area for our children ages 2-12 as well as contribute to school supplies, books, and a  begin a college scholarship fund for our children over 18.



Years Serving tibetan communities

We have one the largest Tibetan communities in North America that is dedicated in preserving Tibetan culture and language.  We are here to help recent Tibetans who have come over to India and Nepal with job placements, accommodations and necessities.  



Thousand children Impacted

We have taught over 5 thousand children over the past 25 years.  Since our community is expanding,  we constantly pursuing viable ways to accommodate Tibetan famalies living in exile.